What are the rules relating to copyright at George Brown College?


Use of copyright materials at George Brown College is covered by the Canadian Copyright Act and various agreements and licences entered into by the College with copyright owners and representative organizations. The Copyright Act is the legislation in Canada that sets out what you can and can’t do with other people’s copyright materials. In addition to this, the College has special agreements with copyright owners, such as subscriptions to electronic journals, which give you additional rights to certain content.

In order to determine whether what you want to do is permissible, you need to check that you comply with any agreements or licences covering the work in question and/or the Copyright Act. You should ask yourself:

  1. Is the work in question covered by an agreement or licences that the College library has with publishers or a public licence such as a Creative Commons licence? If so, is what I want to do permissible under those agreements or licences?
  2. If not, is what I want to do covered by the Copyright Act, either under the educational exceptions or under the fair dealing exemption?

If you’re not covered by any agreement or licence or the Act you’ll need to get permission for what you want to do from the copyright owner.  Copyright Services does provide a service for getting permission to use copyrighted materials in your class. Contact copyrighthelp@georgebrown.ca for more information.


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